Dave Innis, Certified Recovery Coach, Sober Coach, Sober Companion – Bio

  • 31 years personal recovery
  • Currently resides in Chicopee, Massachusetts
  • Served as a Substance Abuse Counselor in New Mexico – Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless
  • Experienced in long-term residential treatment – Casa los Arboles, Albuquerque, N.M.
  • Development team adapting the Social Model Residential Program within New Mexico
  • Worked in areas of Street Outreach, Harm Reduction, Social Model, Needle Exchange Program, Motivational Interviewing, Transitional Housing, Court Support, Shelter Outreach
  • Established Hire Power, a work-based program for residential recovery clients
  • Member for 2 years, Board of Directors, Hire Power, Inc., Albuquerque, N.M.
  • Studied Substance Abuse Counseling at the University of New Mexico with a strong emphasis on Motivational Interviewing
  • Continued as a Substance Abuse Counselor in Massachusetts in the areas of alcohol, meth and opiate recovery, as well as cocaine separation, Providence Hospital of Behavioral Health, Holyoke, Ma.
  • Over 18,000 clinical hours of case management and field work
  • Became a Certified Recovery (Sober) Coach in 2012 to continue my path of commitment in the fields of substance abuse recovery and sober living
  • 2016 – Joined the team of Addiction Campuses as Client Transport at Swift River Rehab in Cummington, Ma
  • 2019 – Independent Sober Recovery Coach; Certified since 2012

I have found Sober Coaching and Interventions to be the best applications of my lifetime knowledge and experiences. I now have the opportunity to work beyond the scope of counseling… into the “sober living” part of recovery, where the focus is on the long haul. I love helping alcoholics and addicts to plan their futures, and to work with them to achieve their goals as sober individuals.

I work from coast to coast in the US via Skype, email, and phone, as well as in-person Sober Coaching & Intervention services as requested. I reside in Chicopee, Ma.

I also work with those who are a bit dubious about entering into recovery. Walking clients through the fears and the barriers to sobriety is a challenge I embrace, as in most cases, together we have the ability to avoid some of the catastrophes associated with unbridled addiction. No client comes to me on their own, or through a family, friend or employer referral without experiencing a level of loss, as loss is the measure of a bottom.

My goal for my clients is to limit that level of loss, and to rebuild a life in recovery that is of their own design and accomplishments. I hold my clients to a reasonable level of accountability towards achievable goals. Through a process of coaching sessions, goal setting and planning, service referrals, research, perhaps some failure and persistence, my clients can overcome many obstacles that appear too big for those trying to do this alone.

I am well versed regarding professional ethics, including confidentiality. You are safe with me regarding anonymity and confidentiality. Many things are discussed on the road to freedom and I consider conversations with my clients to be a sacred trust. The only information shared is done through a process of information release, established between myself and my client. Regarding this, I will not be compromised.

When You Are Ready to Talk
Please contact me via phone at 413-221-6805, Email at davei_2000@yahoo.com (only contact information in the email, please. Email is never fully secure, so keep it simple. Thanks.) or fill out the Contact Me form with a brief message.

Thank you,

Dave Innis, CRC