To Employers…

Employers are affected when an employee becomes ravaged by drug and/or alcohol abuse or dependency. Business can suffer through excessive absences, sloppy production, acting out in the workplace, and theft, just to mention a few of the results.

History has proved that letting an employee go for his or her behavior can be almost as damaging as keeping him on. Many employees are seen by the boss as having true talent, skills and knowledge which would be an immeasurable loss…. also, years of training and other investments in key employees would be lost only to have to train a new associate.

And how about the personal relationships between some business owners and employees, such as in smaller communities where everyone has known each other since birth? Families of the employee and the business owner may be close, and termination may cause more trouble much wider than the actual business issues.

Sober Services for Businesses:

  • Individual case management and coaching
  • Recovery companion services
  • Company-wide drug screening and individual monitoring
  • Treatment referrals
  • Family coaching and referrals
  • Cooperation with HR/Management
  • Program roll-out support

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At the corporate level, removal of a CEO or other top company official could cause a shake-up within the stockholders, throwing the company into financial collapse.

The entertainment industry finds itself in trouble when a key actor emerges as an out of control problem publicly, damaging years of work and the possible ruination of a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Regardless of the size and perceived “importance” of any particular company or position, every company and every owner feels the powerful impact of addiction in their ranks.

Sober Coaching can be the equalizer in these scenarios, helping the alcoholic or addict to have a real chance to change, thus saving all concerned from the harm of termination. Whether using a Recovery Sober Coach or a Sober Companion, your employee will have an opportunity to gain sobriety and turn his or her life around, regaining the level of focus and productivity you expect from key people.
Please consider using me as your choice of a Sober Coach. I will work diligently towards sobriety for your employee, while maintaining the strictest confidentiality for you and your business.

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