Family interventions tend to be the best way to encourage an alcoholic or drug addict into treatment and recovery from addiction.

The chemical dependency issues that affect the addict are always visited on the family.

These issues manifest themselves in different ways, and the personal and family devastation can be incredibly traumatic. In many instances, the family is quite aware that something is wrong, in spite of the efforts of the using member to hide all the facts.

Often, families come together to hold an “intervention” which is designed to begin an open conversation; pulling the covers, so to speak, making the addict or alcoholic aware that everyone knows, cares and wants to help. This is better done with a professional present.

In many instances, the addicted family member rebukes the idea of a in-patient rehabilitation program, citing reasons that this cannot be done “at this time”.

In order to prevent complete failure of the encounter, an intervention with a trained interventionist can be arranged by the family. With many interventionists being in recovery themselves, they can provide a valuable, effective dialogue while being less susceptible to the excuses and emotions of the addict.

Dave Innis Sober Services’ Intervention Program is quite complete, actually covering several days of pre-planning prior to the intervention. We operate nationally.

To arrange an intervention, please call at (413) 221-6805 or email

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