The Recovery Coaching Program offered by Dave Innis Sober Services is a complete, extensive set of studies designed to carefully establish a solid path to long-term sustainable sobriety. The Coaching Program is our most popular service, and is based on Dave Innis’ personal “Four Rules for Recovery”.

Rule #1 Don’t pick up TODAY no matter what!

Rule #1 teaches abstinence. If you don’t pick up, you will never get drunk or high. But we do not want to live in a condition of abstinence, as that may cause us to live in a state of misery. Without change, we are only removing the coping products but the causes, or needs, may still exist. This leads to the condition known as a “dry drunk”. We define a dry drunk as the result of removing the booze/drugs from the person, but still leaving the person unchanged. This typically leads to relapse, as the discomfort of sitting with issues is too much to bear without self-medicating.

The remaining 3 Rules provide a path to recovery, as recovery should be the goal. The Coaching Program provided by Dave Innis Sober Services has been designed to carefully and thoroughly help to repair the damage and causes of addiction.

Known as The Program, there are two commitment offerings; a 6-month and a 12-month commitment. We highly recommend the 12-month plan, but the 6-month option is available in case of financial restrictions. Both terms follow the same outline, with the 12-month option allowing more time with your recovery coach in order to become more stable in your recovery.

General Program Outline

The Program consists of three phases.

Orientation phase – You and your coach learn about each other, work towards developing your plan for sobriety, and gaining a foothold in recovery. We can operate on an aftercare basis for those coming out of rehab, or as a primary program for those who can’t attend a rehab or for those who do not quality for in-patient treatment. Minimum time in this phase is 30 days. Note: A detox referral may be deemed mandatory for those in danger of life-threatening withdrawal.

Skills phase – In this phase you will learn about the tools for recovery and how to use them to prevent relapse. You will test your recovery plan and learn to adjust it as needed. The tools for recovery will be implemented into the parts of your recovery plan, and you will learn how to become more confident in your ability to stay sober. This phase will continue for a minimum of 90 days for the 6-month program and 180 days for the 12-month program.

Transition phase – You will begin to step away from your coach, but with regular check-ins to monitor progress and hold accountability. You will prove your ability to consistently apply your program in all aspects of your new sober life, using your coach as a sounding board for confidential discussions relative to your recovery. This phase will be for a minimum of 60 days.

Graduation – You will have completed the Program and will separate from your coach, who will remain available if you need to touch base on occasion. We recommend this option to stay connected, but that is strictly as needed. You will now operate your life as you have chosen through our time with you.

The Program will consist of 1:1 work with Dave Innis, groups offered with Dave Innis or a guest facilitator, regular daily check-ins and open discussions designed to bring recovery into the lives of drug addicts and alcoholics. The Program is constantly being reviewed and improved in order to provide the best services available. Long-term, sustainable recovery for our clients is our goal.

Program Fees

The 12-month program fee is $1,000.00/month $700/month* for 12 months

The 6-month program fee is $1250/month $750/month* for 6 months

All fees are payable in full at the start of the contract (negotiable based on income and ability to pay), and are refundable at a rate of 80% of the unused balance based on a 30-day cancellation notice, unless we fail to complete our obligation due to our fault, in which case the refund will be 100% of the unused balance. This refund policy applies to all contracts beginning in 2021. We encourage clients to complete the program.

*A fee reduction may be available based of available funding

How to Apply to The Program

Simply request an intake appointment by contacting Dave Innis Sober Services here. Give us your best contact info along with a request for an intake. Please DO NOT supply any other info, as we do not need anything else to set up the appointment. If we do not respond in 24 hours, please call 413-221-6805.