Sober Coach Services for the Alcoholic/Addict

I offer the following sober coach services for those seeking sobriety

  • Sober coaching sessions via Zoom or phone – 1:1 intensive sessions and check-ins
  • Weekly groups via Zoom
  • 24-hr In-person sober coaching and sober companion services
  • Sober transport services
  • Integrated services with other professionals
  • Help finding a detox
  • Referrals to US in-patient rehab programs
  • Intakes for The PARC Rehab in Phuket, Thailand
  • Family involvement
  • Help connecting with 12-Step fellowships
  • Program transition services
  • Sober life planning services
  • Executive sober travel companion
  • Extended post-rehab program

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Sober Services for the Family & Friends of an Addict/Alcoholic

Sober Coaching services for the family and friends of an alcoholic or an addict

  • Intervention services
  • Help getting your relative into treatment
  • Transportation services
  • Guidance for the family
  • Short term or long term involvement
  • Family education and support services
  • Recovery options for the family
  • Drug testing services

Sober Services for Employers, Corporations & The Entertainment Industry

Sober Coaching services to assist your employee and to protect your business interests

  • Strict confidential involvement
  • Sober employee escort and transport services
  • Management and employee intervention
  • In-House drug and alcohol screening
  • Random screening
  • One-on-one coaching services
  • Sober companion and transport


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